Christmas Stories You've Never Heard

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“After I discovered Sammy’s blog he quickly became one of my favorite writers. He has that rare gift of being able to make people laugh, think, and put nuggets of wisdom into practice in a very practical way. That’s why I was so excited to hear about “Christmas Stories You’ve Never Heard”. If I’m being honest, the story of my Savior’s birth had become somewhat familiar and unexciting. Sammy’s writing helped me see this miracle and it’s implications with fresh eyes again. If this time of year has become routine or stale, or if you have someone in your life who you long to see the true meaning of Christmas, this is a must read!”
— -Mandisa (Grammy winner singer/songwriter)
“Sammy Adebiyi is one of the most passionate, energetic and clever speakers/writers I have ever known. Christmas Stories You’ve Never Heard is absolutely brilliant in that it encompasses teachings on the Christ Child that will help us truly understand and maybe for the first time appreciate the humanity of Jesus while still truly honoring the fullness of His deity. Best of all Sammy’s story telling is so enjoyable, witty and just downright hilarious that wether you are a mature, deep theological thinker or a Jr higher contemplating the birth of Christ for the first time you will thoroughly enjoy the ride and be drawn closer to Jesus as a result of it.”
— -Mark Graalman (Sanctus Real)
“Every Christian can struggle with treasuring the people, places, and things that have become all too familiar. The Christmas season in general, and the birth of Jesus in particular, is no exception. With honest and humorous storytelling, Sammy helps us revisit what feels like old news with a new appreciation for what God has done, and is doing, trough Jesus.”
— -Patrick Schwenk Pastor, author (The Dig for Kids and Warrior Weekend), creator of For the Family (